Mini Skid Steer Loader
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                                      MODEL SVET46K






                                                       Minimum (electric start) engine HP required
13 HP                                           13 HP gas engine or 10 HP diesel engine  
                                                       WIDTH 41-1/2" -  LENGTH 72-1/2"
                                                       (Without any attachments)

                                                       ALL WHEELS HYDROSTATIC DRIVE

                                                       APPROX. EMPTY WEIGHT 1300 LBS          
                          BLADE  & WINTER BUCKET 46 " WIDE

                                                       MAX. LIFTING HEIGHT 7.5 FT

                                                       BUCKET CAPACITY 6 CUBIC FEET    
                                                       MAX. SAFE LIFTING CAPACITY 500 LBS

                                                       MAX. DRIVE SPEED 6 Km/Hr


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                                         Mini Skid Steer Loader  
Copyright 2007 All Rights Reserved