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  MID600  Specification
5.5 HP engine & 3 GPM hyd. pump
Digs down 7 ft and dump at approximately 6 ft
Swing maneuverability 110 degrees
Bucket reach 8 feet | weight 550 lb
Bucket 11" wide, Ripping force 2 tons

Backhoe Plan 55 pages

Price $199 US
          MID600K   34 PARTS   
Price  $899

 $189  for Canada
& $299  for USA 
This backhoe is very compact and
heavy duty built. All pins have their
own grease fittings. The outriggers
width and height are adjustable.

Plan has specs, bill of material
list of steel, 2D & 3D drawings,
assembly instructions

  Laser Metal Kit
    Weight 100 Lbs

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