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                                    Welcome to my website

                                                           Since I was a young boy, I was always fascinated by mobile equipment.
                                                                         When I designed and built a new machine, I felt like a young boy again.
                                                                         I am a French Canadian who was born in Quebec. I got kicked out of
                                                                         grade 9 school in 1973.
                                                                         I did a heavy duty mechanic course in 1977 and I worked as a heavy
                                                                         duty mechanic until I started working in the mining industry as an underground mechanic.
                                                                         I moved to Ontario in 1987, then later in 1994 went back to college to graduate
                                                                         as a Mechanical Engineering Technologist.
                                                                         This is where I learned to read, write and speak English more fluently.
                                                                         I like to design different small machines and my plans help people to built them.
                                                                         All machines are computer designed in 3D then in 2D for the drawings.
                                                                         I always keep the cost down and try to make the design simple.


                                                                            MY BACKGROUND & EXPERIENCE OVER THE YEARS:

                                                                         Mine Health & Safety, Nunavut and North West Territories
                                                                         2006 Supervisor Certificate Level 1     

                                                             Northern College of Applied Arts and Technology.  Kirkland Lake, Ontario
                                                                         1998 Mechanical Engineering Technology Diploma
                                                                         1997 Mechanical Engineering Technician Diploma
                                                                         1996 Welding Engineering Technician 6 months (no diploma
                                                                         1989 Certificate of qualification in Heavy Duty Mechanic, Ontario
                                                                         1984 Online course, stationary equipment class 3 & 4, Quebec
                                                                         1978 Heavy duty mechanic course (1 year ), La Sarre, Quebec.


                                                                               I ALSO HAVE COMPUTER & MACHINING SKILLS :
                                                                            AutoCAD 12, 14, 2000 & 2004 with solid 3D modeling.
                                                                 Finite Element Analysis FEA (designstar) & basic of Solidwork 2004
                                                                 Word Perfect 6 to 11, Microsoft Power Point & Microsoft Word 2000
                                                                   Working Model v.2.0, Excel, Microsoft FrontPage 2003, Internet
                                                                  Windows 98, NT 4.0, Win XP, windows 8.0, Microsoft expression.

                                                                 I AM FRENCH CANADIAN PROUD TO BE RUSSIAN VIVE LE QUEBEC LIBRE
  seabee mine


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