Towable Mini Excavator
                                                                 Model Mx50

Laser Starting kitSPECIFICATIONS



        You can added  an additional control bank later  as shown in the picture or you can buy
       a control bank with 5 spools at the time you are building the mini excavator.

      The hydraulic drive will be hook up to the bottom frame with a pin and presto pin and should only
      be use for driving around the site, cottage, farm or at home.
      you can steer the backhoe using the boom to line up in which direction you will be driving.

      This additional control bank will have hydraulic quick coupling and can also be uses
      to power other hydraulic attachments like post hole digger that will be bolts on the side
      of the bucket of the backhoe.







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   Hydraulic control
Hydraulic drive