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                                                Towable Mini Excavator  
Laser Starting kitVideo

Quantity are limited
& price are subject to change without notice.

You can reserved your     Laser Starting Kit  now.
We will keep your Laser
Kit aside for you for up
to 6 months and we will
  shipped the plan to your   home after we received   the minimum payment of 50% of the full amount (Shipping & Handling not included)


                                 The laser Metal Starting Kit cost $950
                               Shipping & Handling cost $249 for USA & $199 for Canada

                     The plan, Technical support & Shipping Insurance are included in the price.
                                            All critical plates are laser cut for greater accuracy and easy assembly.
                                         There is no machining at all with the parts from the laser starting kit.

                                                      Model Mx50                                 



Look Inside

                                                                                      LASER METAL STARTING KIT
                                                                                                   Weight 85 Lbs


                             **                                                                                It included the completed detail
                                                                                                                 plan & the technical Support.    
                                                                                                     30 Plates Laser cut for greater accuracy.
                                                                                                             The Detailed Plan has 62 pages
                                          and is easy to read.


  You make the heavy wall metal bushings yourself, no need pay  for      machining, only need to followed the instructions from the plan. 
Make the heavy wall metal bushings yourself are much easier than you think.