The Laser Starting Kit Backhoe Model
MID600K (plan has 44 Pages)
Laser starting kit has 36 critical metal plates,
approx. weight 100 Lbs

Plan has specs, bill of material,
list of steel, 2D & 3D drawings,
and step-by-step assembly instruction.


MID600K Towable Backhoe.  Included the Detailled Pan + Insurance ship & Tech. Support
Price  $949
+ Shipping
 $189 for Canada & $239 for USA 

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  Powered by 5 or 5.5 HP engine
  Digs down 7 ft and dump at approx. 6 ft
  Swing maneuverability 110 degrees
  Bucket reach 8 feet | weight + 550 lb
  Bucket 11" wide, Ripping force 2 tons

This backhoe is very compact and heavy duty  built. All pins have their own grease fittings.

 MID600K Specification



Backhoe Plan Overview

The Backhoe Kit

Can do many earth moving jobs; trenching, excavating and     landscaping, with about two
tons of ripping force!
This machine is heavy duty built &  computer designed, it can crawl itself
on the job site.
Powered by 5 or 5.5 HP engine
It weights over 550 pounds and
can be towed by any small truck,
car , 4 wheeler or small tractor.

  The outriggers & back wheels are adjustable, that machine can 
crawl in a narrow space
of 3- feet wide.

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