The Laser Starting Kit Backhoe Model
3PH-MID600K (plan has 37 Pages)
Laser starting kit 41 Plates, approx. weight 100 Lbs

Plan has specs, bill of material,
list of steel, 2D & 3D drawings,
and step-by-step assembly instruction.


Cat. 1 Backhoe.    

Price  $899

 $189  for Canada
& $299  for USA 
Insurance shipping
& Tech. support are
included in price

  Digs down 7 ft & dump at approx. 6 ft
Swing 110 degrees
  Bucket reach 8 feet | weight 400 lb
  Bucket 11" wide, Ripping force 2 tons

With Manual Outriggers
This backhoe tractor is very compact and heavy duty  built. All pins have their own grease fittings.

 3PH-MID600K Specification




Backhoe Plan Overview

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The Backhoe Kit

Can do many earth moving jobs; trenching, excavating and     landscaping, with about two
tons of ripping force!
This machine is heavy duty built &  computer designed.

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